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Every day, professional marketers are thinking marketing. Thoughts may be a formal experience while working for a client, a passing notion when glancing at graphics of an advertisement, or a brilliant use of language to express an idea. The chatter is everywhere, coming from all directions. Even in solitude, ideas keep interrupting. Thinking Marketing is a podcast that captures the random thoughts of a marketer on all things marketing. Many episodes address marketing principles, global marketing standards, and ethics in marketing. Others are interviews with entrepreneurs of micro and small businesses. This podcast is for people with micro and small businesses. It is the place to learn about strategies and tactics for entrepreneurs who have few resources for marketing and no or very little knowledge, technical skills, and experience in marketing. Learn why marketing is not an expense but an investment in your future!

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Friday Mar 05, 2021

 “Professional Evidence” may become more important to many small service businesses than physical evidence. Thinking marketing…

Wednesday Oct 14, 2020

This episode is a collection of thoughts about PRODUCT, one of the 7Ps of the marketing mix. Attention is focused on small businesses, especially micro-businesses with 1 to 4 employees. It is this sector of small businesses that find it challenging to afford marketing services to help their businesses grow, and many entrepreneurs have little or no experience in marketing. Of the 7Ps, product (or service) is the most important. Thinking marketing...

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